About Geyikli


This small seaside town, described as the “hidden paradise of the North Aegean”, is the window of Kazdağları opening to the sea; One of the unique places where you can watch the magnificent structure of Bozcaada on the coast of tens of kilometers and watch the sunset with great happiness and pleasure.

Geyikli Town is located in Ezine District of Çanakkale Province. It is 12 kilometers from Geyikli Ezine District and 54 kilometers from Çanakkale.

Despite all the investigations and researches, it is not possible to get a definite information about the history of Geyikli. However, considering the ruins of Alexandria Troas, which is 8-10 kilometers away from Geyikliye, it can be estimated that the region dates back to the years BC.

What is known about it is briefly as follows: The sea trojan port, which entered about 7 kilometers from the land in 2000-3000 BC, is a scalpel for this view. The ship mooring rings found during the excavations form a scalpel to this view. There are no artifacts other than a few historical stones. Excavations are still going on here from time to time, but it is subject to more information when the work is completed.

According to a rumor, it is assumed that those who first settled in the region and found the town chose the place called "Odunluk İskelesi" as a dwelling, but established Geyikli in its current place in order to be strong against the pirate attacks that may come from the sea.

In another legend, Geyikli has taken its name from the "Deer Father", which still maintains its mythological identity. According to this legend, when there were not many Geyikli names before, there were wild deer living in the hills around and a person came to this place during the war, and nobody knew where they came from. This person, who has settled and has 12 deer, was a very kind person and was loved and counted by everyone. This person was called “Deer father”. “Those who do not want to forget their name have called this settlement“ Geyikli ”. The grave of“ Geyik Baba ”is now on the Geyikli-Kemallı road.

Since there is no written document, document etc. about this subject, this history has been created based on the information collected orally only from the public.